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10 Conversation Starters to Get your Audience Going

Elisa Encina Galnares

April 6, 2020

In one of our previous posts we talked about how important it is for your business to spend time engaging with your audience through social media. In the post, we shared some tips that you were, hopefully, able to apply.

To help you a little more, we’re going to share different approaches that we find useful to nurture the conversation going with our community online

Request feedback

Ask for feedback on your products, services or website.
“What would you like to see changed? What would you say about your experience?”.

Share a personal story

Showing your personal side will make your audience share their own experiences!

Cite an industry statistic

Sharing a relevant statistic shows you’re on top of the most recent evolutions in your niche, helping you to stand out as a thought leader for your audience.

Be genuinely funny

Jokes, memes, funny stories and humorous videos will drive your audience’s attention and encourage them to be part of the conversation.

Go for a quote

Inspirational, entertaining and motivational quotes all work well to trigger comments and shares. (This is especially true for image quotes).

Share your opinion on a topic

Your audience will enjoy knowing that you’re a real person with real opinions. Share your opinion on a trending topic, and ask them to share theirs.

Focus on a useful tip
Ask for a recommendation

Give your audience a chance to recommend a favorite product or service.

Share a relevant infographic

This is a visually compelling communication medium that can explain complex data in a visual format. Your audience will love it and potentially share in their own network if they really find it useful.

Give the inside scoop

Your audience will sympathize when you let them in on a little-known fact or a behind-the-scenes story.

We really hope that you’ll be able to use one, a couple or - best case - all of the aforementioned tips. Starting conversations and engaging with your audience is a great way to show that your care ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Feel free to let us know if you have other tips or tricks that you use yourself and work well.

Elisa Encina Galnares

Customer Success Manager

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