Artificial intelligence and marketing automation | A match made in heaven for SBs

The chaotic world of marketing can be quite overwhelming, and we’re not only talking about small businesses. Even before the digital age, a lot of companies were struggling to understand what they should and - also - shouldn’t do.

Technology is a beautiful thing. It opens up a whole new array of possibilities and opportunities to make things better, more efficient and more effective. So when the world of technology merged with the world of marketing not only new strategies, tactics appeared, but we also saw the birth of digital marketing and marketing technology.

However, these technology-driven marketing concepts didn’t make things easier in terms of keeping the overview. Companies even started hiring experts to help them understand what type of technologies they should use, what digital marketing tactics they should apply and how they could stay relevant during the age of digital marketing.

With Contento we truly believe that marketing automation and artificial intelligence are the two types of technology that really benefit small businesses. Mainly because both focus on solving pain points that small business owners experience on a daily basis. The lack of time, the lack of knowledge and the lack of financial resources are universal challenges small businesses are faced with. Hence, to help them championing the online world, we need to leverage the right kind of technology.

Why marketing automation

The concept of marketing automation is quite straightforward. Instead of having a human being doing highly repetitive and low complexity tasks, we ask a computer to perform these activities for us.

The advantages are multifold. First and foremost, for this kind of activities, a computer has significantly smaller error margins compared to humans. Secondly, a computer doesn’t need to sleep, meaning you’re able to keep activities going 24/7 without having to put in a lot of effort yourself. Thirdly, a computer is significantly cheaper for this kind of actions given the fact that it concerns low complexity tasks.

So putting two and two together makes it easy to understand what the benefit is of using a computer (marketing automation) to perform activities such as scheduling and posting content on the Facebook page of a small business or retweeting content from a certain Twitter profile.

Why artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I., is a little less straightforward to explain. In essence, it’s about using a computer (artificial) to mimic certain functions of the human brain (intelligence). To enable artificial intelligence doing so, it needs to be properly trained. This happens by giving it access to so-called training data. The more training data available, the more likely the A.I. will succeed in properly mimicking how a human being would handle a specific task at hand.

The main strength of A.I. materializes within the knowledge part of marketing. Instead of having to count on human brainpower to perform medium to high complexity tasks, an A.I. does the fancy footwork. Meaning that for a number of marketing-related tasks, a company doesn’t need to have the knowledge in-house or doesn’t need to hire a person to do this.

In reality, A.I. is used for a various number of marketing-oriented matters. Ranging from analyzing marketing campaigns to creating customer profiles and online audiences to market to. A relatively new and very exciting new application of A.I. relates to the curation and creation of content to be shared on the social media channels. With Contento we are pioneers in making this accessible to small businesses.

Content Marketing automation meets A.I.

When you blend marketing automation and A.I. in a certain fashion, you get the technological backbone of Contento. We are leveraging and democratizing technology to help small businesses with establishing a strong digital footprint and creating so-called thought leadership. By using Artificial Intelligence to curate and create content to share on the social media channels of our customers and leveraging marketing automation to schedule and share that content on the relevant channels, Contento is supporting small businesses all around the world.