3 essential AI tools for your Business Growth

In our last post, we introduced the backbone of Contento when talking about AI and marketing automation. Today, we would like to share with you some tools that use AI technology for a better performance of your business.

When we talk about technology and the way small businesses embrace it, there are two schools of thought; Some seem to be curious about how these new technologies could help them improve their business but are not motivated enough to integrate them in their daily workflow. While the other ones adopt a denial attitude because they worry that AI will get too real and stand as a threat to their jobs.

The most accurate answer that we could find for both of them is that AI is here, and for the better regarding smaller business integration or for those just getting started on their path to success.

Sounds like good news for all! And especially for our clients at Contento, who have already embraced this attitude of innovation and technology when using our product: The way AI deals with day-to-day business problems implies making people you have better, smarter, more efficient, and more critical than ever, instead of obsolete and replaceable.

As a matter of fact, AI will help your business answer some of any business’s most basic questions like:

  • How can I sort through leads faster and know which are best to follow up on?

  • How can I help a customer who doesn’t even know the name of the problem they’re trying to fix?

  • Why are customers leaving items in their shopping carts on my website?

At Contento, we proudly serve our customers, working hand in hand with AI in order to provide them with the best social media marketing and become thought leaders in their field. However, AI goes beyond the scope of marketing automation and could help your business in other ways which you might not have thought of. Check them out here:

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 3.59.27 PM.png

AI gathers large quantities of data and extracts the answers you need. It works much faster than any human, automating mind-numbing tasks and searches to save us valuable time that we can use to focus on getting more creative work done.