Learnings and insights from 2018

At Contento, we love your business and we take it as our mission to help you make your business shine online. However, building an online presence is far from easy, especially when you don’t have dedicated resources managing it for you. That’s why, over the past few months, we’ve shared some valuable insights and actionable guidelines towards digital success in a series of contributions on our blog. As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to highlight some of those tips & tricks, and to shed a light on what the future holds.

Going in head first: probably not a good idea

We love and share your enthusiasm, we really do. But a wise man once said: “preparation is everything”. There’s a couple of questions you should ask yourself before you start sharing content on the online channels. Start with how you want your business to be perceived by potential customers and other stakeholders. And how that impacts your messaging. Read more about it here.

Those questions are a stepping stone towards crafting a strategy. They’ll help you set the beacons for your online presence: the channels you are going to populate, at what frequency, aimed at what audience and to what end. Once you’ve taken the time to figure this out, you’ll be able to pour that information into a content calendar. Here’s how to get started. Don’t forget to put someone in charge! Defining roles and creating accountability is essential to be able to keep up your content marketing efforts. Click here if you want to know more about how to be consistent on the online channels.

(Let others) do the talking

Having a plan is such a comforting feeling. Now, it’s time to turn those words into actions by setting your content marketing efforts in motion. 

You want your audience to be sparked by every piece you publish or share. Here’s a couple of useful tips on how to engage your readers and let them continue the conversation. The more engaged your audience, the more likely they will ultimately turn into advocates for your brand. Advocates spread the love for your brand and endorse what you do towards their own network. It’s called Word-Of-Mouth Marketing and it’s a very powerful thing. 

Give value and people will value you

It’s a common mistake to think that every contribution on social media should be about your business. People tend to get fed up with a constant stream of ‘salesy’ messages. They’ll also start to perceive your brand as self-centred when you talk about yourself too much, and ultimately you’ll lose them. 

One way to bring meaningful variation in your content marketing efforts is by sharing interesting content about the sector you are in. As a business owner, chances are high that you are an expert at what you do. Sharing the latest news, or a compelling contribution about your sphere of activity is the best way to convince your online followers that you are indeed an expert. If you do this on a regular basis, you are bound to achieve thought leadership status. Here’s how you can become an opinion leader in no time.

The future is about leading the conversation

Thought leadership is indeed an ever growing opportunity for many business owners to appeal to their target audience, and a sought-after status to have. LinkedIn has recently launched a feature that suggests content to share. With Contento, we offer a more comprehensive solution for your path to becoming an opinion leader. One that covers all major social media channels and that takes the workload out of your hands. Want to know more? The Contento team is more than happy to help out! Just drop us a line.