Contento Partners with Founder Institute
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We’re super excited to announce that Contento has entered into a partnership with Founder Institute to support the global network of entrepreneurs and businesses. This allows both FI and Contento to contribute in their own way to the community and to encourage overall entrepreneurial growth.

What is the the Founder Institute?

The Founder Institute (FI) is a startup accelerator. Entrepreneurs at any stage of the business can enter the FI program to get traction and funding for their business. So someone can approach FI even with an idea, and FI will find them a team to work with and mentorship when to steer them in the right direction.

Their efforts have allowed them to grow into a treasure trove of skillful people and organizations across the globe. The network spans 6 continents and has grown to more than 180 cities, supporting startups, and partnering with organizations like Contento to help the network evolve.

Playing our small part

At Contento, we realize the power of networks, the importance of good advice, mentorship and a positive push to startups and small businesses to keep them busy and buzzing.

We’re standing on the shoulders of giants ourselves and are incredibly grateful to the people who push us to become better. So it’s only fair that we decided to offer a 50% discount for all Founder Institute members on our product!

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