Contento partners with Pharmahelp to support pharmacists with building a strong digital footprint
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We are excited to announce our partnership with the awesome people of Belgium’s most exhaustive provider of e-services for pharmacists. Through this collaboration, the pharmacist community will get tailored access to Contento’s solution.

ready for the digital transformation

The pharmacy industry is pivoting towards a digital first model. Patients expect their pharmacist to not only offer products online, but also want to know that they can trust a pharmacy of choice with their personal health.

This new reality led entrepreneurial pharmacists to start looking for the right positioning on social media. They want to share content that helps them to crystalize the right amount of credibility amongst an online-first community of millennial and generation-Z customers.

A recent market study highlighted that quite some pharmacists don’t have a good idea where to get started. Social media is not their center of expertise, so they prefer to outsource this specific matter to a trustworthy partner that understands their lack of time and knowhow.

the right moment for the right partnership

Changing customer/patient behavior and a proactive need formulated by the the Belgian pharmacy community led to the conception of this partnership. Pharmahelp’s mission is to make it easier than ever for Belgian pharmacies to create a strong online identity. This ties in very neatly with Contento’s desire to support Belgian expertise-driven small businesses to shine online and grow their online channels through best-in-class social media marketing. Putting two and two together led to turning the partnership between Pharmahelp and Contento into a real and tangible value-add for Belgian pharmacies.

As stated by Thomas Verhoef, managing partner at Pharmahelp: “Pharmacists see a great challenge when it comes to creating or maintaining their online identity. As a historically offline profession, many of them become puzzled by the complexity the internet brings. Pharmahelp wants to bend that feeling into something that amazes them with the opportunities the internet can bring by creating a service marketplace where a pharmacist discovers all the goods that relevant organizations can bring to them.  Contento is one of those wonderful companies that forcefully simplifies the ability to manage all of your social media accounts. We are looking forward working with Contento in bringing their product and knowhow to pharmacists in need of  guidance.”

As stated by Steven van Kerkhoven, Co-owner of Contento: “It’s great to see that Pharmahelp has become a trusted partner for hundreds of pharmacies in Belgium, helping them to overcome the sector's digital hurdles and turning them into opportunities. Pharmahelp supports pharmacies on their path towards digitization, by gathering the best-in-class digital service providers in one place. We are very happy to be part of that ecosystem, as it is Contento’s mission to make social media marketing easy, effortless and affordable. We're excited to help pharmacies across Belgium build a solid social media presence and connect with their online audience.”

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