Contento partners up with Main Street Launch to support thousands of small businesses
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We are excited to finally reveal a partnership that we believe will move the needle for a lot of small business owners in the Bay Area. Main Street Launch, San Francisco’s leading small business loan provider, will offer Contento to its portfolio of over a thousand businesses.

Passion for small businesses is key

The foundation of this relationship is a deep respect and affection for the many powerful small business owners who run their operations with passion. Owning and operating a small business requires endless motivation, dedication, inspiration and tenacity on a constant basis.

Small business owners are the main drivers of the U.S. economy, being responsible for over 50% of all job employment in the United States. Moreover, these local heroes create social fabric, community cohesion and add value to society as a whole.

The passion Main Street Launch and Contento share for small businesses was the thing that made this partnership a no-brainer. Moreover, we both are undeniably committed to creating new and meaningful opportunities to help business owners grow their business sustainably and with a focus on the long term.

Digital is the new normal, also for small businesses

In today’s day and age, having a strong digital footprint is an essential building block to grow a small business. Millennials and modern consumers use social media platforms to discover businesses, products and services.

in an online era, building a digital storefront is an essential aspect to growing a small business into a bigger business. With Contento, we are on a mission to bring small businesses to the digital landscape. We want to help small business owners shine online and show the world how amazing small businesses actually are!

Llistening to the community to define the way forward

The wonderful people at Main Street Launch carefully listened to their community and decided to take action. By partnering up with Contento, Main Street Launch wants to offer its customers a solution that fits the profile of a small business. At Contento, we’re super excited about this collaboration!

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