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How to Make a Great Linkedin Page for Business

If you’re reading this article, you’re already thinking about making a LinkedIn business page for your company, or have already made one. Before you we lay out how to nail the essentials of a LinkedIn business page, you should first figure out if you even need a Linkedin page for your business at this stage.

Here’s a quick way to find out:

  1. Am I preparing to hire new people?
  2. Is my customer base present on Linkedin?
  3. Are you in a position to invest time on your company brand and employer brand?

Generally, if you can say yes to any of these questions, you should go ahead and create a Linkedin business page according to the following steps:

  1. Profile picture
    Use a profile picture that is at least 400x400px to ensure that it does not get pixelated when you update it. Linkedin also allows to to carefully crop and enlarge the image when you upload it. Center your logo so that it doesn’t get cut at the sides.
  2. Cover photo
    The recommended size of a Cover photo on Linkedin is 1536x768px. Although, when viewed on different devices, the sides of the image get cut off. So as a general rule, keep the important elements of your cover photo towards the center, away from the edges. Again Linkedin will allow you to position it perfectly when you update it. Cover photos are a chance to establish your employer brand or an overarching theme or campaign. Try to keep it updated so it reflects if the company is growing, recruiting, or attending a particular event so at the first glance of your page, they immediately figure out what you’re about. If this was gibberish to you, we got you covered; just download our cover page templates from here.
  3. Username
    This is not something most people get wrong except if you decide to add a slogan to your business page. This affects your url. For example, contento’s username should be Contento, which would make the url rather than Contento - Your Social Media on Autopilot, which would make the url However, you can always go to Settings on the top right of the page and set a username you like, if your company name is already taken. So you’ll find contento at ;)
  4. Industry and Tagline
    You’ll be asked to choose an industry from a number of options. Your company name and industry are visible to someone when they hover their cursor over your company name. Linkedin also allows you to write a short one-liner Tagline and gives space to fill in a complete description separately. If you already have a tagline sorted out, great. If not, take your elevator pitch and then shorten it further.
  1. Description
    Take time out to write a longer description of what your company does in the given box. Even though this part of the profile is not immediately visible, it is essential for people who are interested enough to scroll through your page and read it and get a better sense of the services you provide, the values you have as a company and briefly your vision for the company and its role in the community at large.
  2. CTA Button
    Linkedin business profiles feature two buttons right at the top, so you can drive conversions or visits to your websites directly. Choose from the Button options to direct traffic to fulfil business goals.
  3. Hashtags & Groups
    Hashtags play an important role on Linkedin. You can use them on your profile strategically to reach the right audience. You can follow 3 hashtags that are showcased on your page. Similarly take some time to look for some groups related to your industry. Linkedin will showcase them on your page too. Your visitors might follow them from your page and show them your posts in the future too if you hashtag them or post them in the relevant groups. As a small business getting followers and getting people to see your posts is slightly easier like this.

Though this is not a comprehensive list, getting even these 7 steps right can propel your social media in the right direction for starters. Creating a well-thought out strategy is the next line of action but that comes later. Good luck, and don’t forget to put a Linkedin follow button on your website and of course, ask your employees to add the company to their profiles!

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