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Infographic: Social Media Advertising Trends 2020

March 24, 2020

By Anthony Tisara, Outreach Manager at MyBizNiche

We live in a time where just about everybody is on social media. And if you’re an entrepreneur and your business has no social media presence whatsoever, you are likely missing out on a lot.

Here are a few guides on how to create a social media presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram

Social media has come a long way from merely being a means of connecting friends, family, and strangers alike. While traditional marketing is still the mainstream way of promoting one’s business, Facebook marketing and other forms of social media marketing have undoubtedly become the dominant way of advertising.

For one, marketing your business on social media provides you with the opportunity to get your brand out there faster and easier than you would with traditional marketing platforms. And to add to that, it’s so much easier to get in touch with your future customers to generate business leads.

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Let’s keep in mind that social media platforms have billions of active users (see infographic below) around the world. Reaching even just a fraction of that through social media will already get you in position for heightened brand recognition.

Social media marketing also provides businesses a chance to engage with existing and potential customers more easily and openly. With regular social media posts relevant to your business, you and your audience can go back and forth, which will help your business develop a closer relationship with customers.

Of course, the relative affordability of social media marketing is still one of the biggest reasons businesses should get into it. Social media marketing is quite cost-effective, with easily trackable and measurable results.

If you’re interested in marketing your business on social media, then you can start by setting up a social media profile. Eventually, you would want to get into social media advertising, which is naturally a more cost-effective way of promoting your business.

The infographic below show current and future advertising trends on social media with a focus on where you can find your audience.

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