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Nick Larson joins Contento as its VP of sales in the United States

Ludwig Dumont

April 6, 2020

We are excited to announce that Nick Larson, former VP of Sales at OnePiece, is joining the Contento team!  After taking OnePiece from $4k MRR to $245k MRR in just 2 years, he made the jump to Contento.  Nick has an affinity for building community, entrepreneurship, and supporting startups- which led him to discover Contento 9 months ago.

Nick Larsons

As Nick stated, "The members at OnePiece reach out with all sorts of challenges, including a social media management solution.  Startups today need to be thought leaders in their space and cultivate their online presence.  When I learned what the Contento team had built, I was blown away.  Companies want to focus on their core competencies, and the Contento team has created something simple and powerful to let them do exactly that. We started discussing a partnership, and I just needed to be a part of it."

As Ludwig Dumont mentioned: “We couldn’t be more stoked about Nick joining Contento full-time. Nick is what I  call a born connector. He already helped Contento in the past and fully understands our mission and our way of working. As we were reaching a new milestone with Contento in terms of product, sales and company maturity, it felt natural to get Nick on-board as our VP of Sales. Nick will lead our commercial operations in the United States and will focus on getting Contento in front of small business owners who are looking for a solution like ours. Together with Elisa, who is handling our Customer Performance in the United States, Nick will work very closely together with the team in Belgium as well. Something that is already happening today, by the way.”

Ludwig Dumont

CEO Founder

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