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Social Media Success for Your Business: Be Natural When Starting a Conversation

Elisa Encina Galnares

April 6, 2020

The power of social media goes beyond the ability to spread a message through different channels and make it go viral with your target audience.

Today, it's quite impossible to ignore how much social media can help your business to understand your current and potential customers. Engaging with customers on social media is one of the best and most straightforward ways to get the insights you need to make well-funded decisions about the direction of your business. But how do you create the ideal engagement scenarios for a company on social media? In this post we’ll be sharing some insights that have served Contento up to today.

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As natural as starting a conversation

Even though conversations on  social media may seem easy because you are virtually speaking with someone  thru a screen, reality shows that many find it challenging to get such a conversation going. Usually because we have the tendency to  overthink things that don’t feel natural. Talking to your customers on social media should  really feel like talking to them in person over a coffee.

To make you a bit more comfortable with social media conversations , we propose 4 tactics  that your business could use to break the ice and create engaging and valuable conversations on social media.

Ask a question

When you ask someone a relevant question on social media, the attention, engagement, and value  of a post will help you to reach a broader audience with your content in the future.
The content of the question could be anything that triggers your audience and relates to the service or product that your business offers.  Some conversation starters that you could use are:

  • What [industry] product do you need the most to fulfill your needs when (situation)?
  • What are the primary [industry type] blogs you read?
  • Who’s your biggest [industry] role model?
  • If you could change anything in [industry] for one day, what would that be?
Apply social listening

There are some tools like HubSpot that can help you to track what people are saying about your business. To establish a clear communication with your audience, it's crucial for you to be aware of the conversations about your business on social media. This will allow you to join-in on some of the existing discussions that are relevant to your product or service and can increase customer satisfaction. People like to be listened to.

Trigger a debate

Everyone has an opinion, and the stronger that opinion is, the more  it will resonate on social media. Therefore, one of the primary ways to encourage people to express their thoughts is by starting a debate. There are many ways to do this; however, we would recommend you to consider choosing a news story, a recent event, a development in the industry, or even a specific subject discussed within an article.

This being said, it’s definitely okay to be a bit provocative when triggering a debate by making a clear statement. Just make sure that provocation doesn’t mean coming across arrogant or insulting.  Be respectful and considerate.

Share recent industry news

Last but not least, sharing relevant content for your audience about the industry in which your business operates is always insightful. Your audience will experience you as a thought leader in your industry, which consequently will lead them to ask you about specific topics and generate interesting conversations around thoughtful content.

The expertise you can portray by being on top of the latest and greatest within your domain, will nurture trust and credibility. We all know that trust is essential to any human relation, this is not different for business driven relationships…

At Contento we believe that conversations are crucial for the success of any social media strategy. It helps you to humanize your business and can get closer to the people you are here for - AKA your audience.

Elisa Encina Galnares

Customer Success Manager

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