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The most influential Belgian entrepreneurs on Instagram to follow

On Thursdays we take some time to browse the www to check out what's happening in the world of social media, technology, marketing and entrepreneurship. While doing so we started looking for an Instagram list with the most influential Belgian entrepreneurs on Instagram. To our surprise, we couldn't find one. However, we do believe that it can be inspirational and interesting for business owners and entrepreneurs to follow each other on this ever growing social media channel.

So without any further ado; here is the list of most influential Belgian entrepreneurs and business owners on Instagram. Oh, one last thing, to check out their account and start following them, just click on the handle and you're golden.

  1. Steven Van Belleghem (

Steven is a well-known entrepreneurial inspirator and international thought leader. Writer of books about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology that have already inspired many other entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe. Following him on Instagram will give you a peek into his travels and access to his digital content.

  1. Lorenzo Bown (

Lorenzo is one of the most influential video marketing entrepreneurs in La Belgique. He founded and currently heads the dynamic team of StoryMe, a data-driven video agency in Ghent, Belgian's capital of entrepreneurship. Following him on Instagram gives you a behind the scenes at StoryMe and a look in Lorenzo's daily life.

  1. Inge Geerdens (

Inge is one of Belgian's leading ladies in business. Founder of CVWarehouse, which is an e-recruitment solution (based on Social Media and CRM) for companies. Inge is also known for jurying entrepreneurial competitions in Belgium and abroad. Her Insta is all about a healthy lifestyle, family and travels).

  1. Robin Wauters (

Robin is Belgium's international entrepreneurship and tech journalist. He used to write for international publications such as TechCrunch until he decided to setup shop himself with a couple of years ago. is Europe's finest technology publication with a big bias towards data-driven journalism. His insta is all about the international entrepreneurs lifestyle.

  1. Unizo (

Okay, okay, this is not a person. BUT, it is Belgian's biggest community of SMB entrepreneurs. They celebrate and support business across Belgium, so what's not to like, right? Follow their Insta to see what's happening within the Belgian SMB community and get inspired yourself.

  1. Carl Van De Velde (

Carl mentors and inspires entrepreneurs and business owners for a living thru the CVDV Training Institute. His seminars bring together crowds of SMB owners who are looking to take their business to the next level. Follow Carl on Instagram for a daily dose of entrepreneurial inspiration.

  1. Peter Hinssen (

Peter brings the knowledge of worldwide innovation and disruption to Belgium thru his books and keynotes. He tells business owners, captains of industry and aspiring entrepreneurs about international trends in the world of business and technology. His instagram reflects his lifestyle; on the go and in touch with the potential next big thing.

  1. Gert Verhulst (

Gert Verhulst is Belgium's Walt Disney. Founder of Studio 100, which brings together the whole crew of children television characters. To children Gert is best know as Gertje, the amusing friend of the talking dog Samson (Yes, it's true). To adults Gert is a media Icon pur sang. His IG is all about having fun with fam and friends! 

Closing note, there are of course many other influential Belgian entrepreneurs on Instagram! However, we picked the ones with open accounts as this makes the most sense for you guys!

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