The new Contento customer portal: built by you, for you
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We are super stoked to introduce the new Contento Customer Portal. Designed to make your life easier whilst keeping your social media performance peaking like never before. At Contento, it’s our mission to help our small businesses succeed by offering the best social media marketing in the business. At a price-point that is aligned with a limited budget, limited time and limited expertise.

introducing the new customer portal

We just added a bunch of new functionalities to the customer portal - your main interface - to make Contento an even more holistic solution for all your social media needs.

When building our product, we always start from the KISS principle. For us, it doesn’t make any sense to add layer over layer of complexity, instead we believe that simplicity should be the main driver when designing digital products for our customers. This belief is reflected in the user experience of the Contento Customer Portal. No unneeded bells and whistles or tabs you will never use. We did add a couple of new features, by popular demand, that will make your life easier than before.

1. Easy to understand

Your timeline with scheduled content is now more intuitive than ever before. The first post that you’ll see at the top, is the last post that you scheduled. Meaning that, immediately, you know if it’s high-time to start adding or scheduling new content to your social media channels.

Contento Customer Portal
2. Handpicked content to-go

Not feeling inspired?  We’ve made it even easier to schedule the content that we hand-picked for you. Fill up your feed with the best content in your industry, for the coming days, weeks or even months! Our new post-interface also allows you to add personalised hashtags at the speed of light.

unnamed (3).png

3. Add your own content, including images

We added the what we call ‘add post’ functionality to the Contento Customer Portal. Let’s say that you have something specific to share, like a product discount or an event announcement, you can now add this yourself through the newly designed text editor.

4. Share now

Last, but not least. If you feel like sharing something on the spot, that is now possible with our Share Now button. For sharing news and updates about your company, hot off the press!

Questions or suggestions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager, or drop us a line at!

Hope you are as excited about these new features as we are!

The Contento team

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