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Infographic: 5 Content Trends Extracted from the Analysis of 772 Million Facebook posts

500 of the best posts were extracted from around 772m Facebook posts. Here are the key insights from their analysis which will give your Facebook content strategy the edge.

August 28, 2019
Contento Academy

How to Get Your Content Noticed On Linkedin

You don't come to insights as straightforward as these unless you go through a rigorous trial and error process with multiple iterations. Fortunately, these few tricks should prepare you to take full advantage of Linkedin for the coming years as Linkedin's new algorithm sets in.

July 30, 2019
Contento Academy

Getting Social Marketing Right As a Consultancy

Consultancy businesses sometimes shy away from having an active presence on social media, but that might be to their own loss. Social media marketing is a well-worth investment for consultancies looking to make their mark while attracting business opportunities.

July 24, 2019
Content marketing

Infographic: Trends in Small Business Marketing

An infographic which lays out a clear trend for marketing practices among small businesses, and how they choose to spend their advertising budgets.

July 21, 2019
Company news

Unbound London 2019: Digital Trends Linked to Business Success in the Digital Era

3 digital trends pointed out by digital experts to be linked with business success in the digital era. Highlights from Unbound London 2019, UK's largest innovation and tech festival.

July 19, 2019
Contento Academy

6 Unsaid Rules for Brands on Twitter

Twitter isn't for every brand. That said, if you're on Twitter, you better know these Rules. We don't speak of them. We just know them.

July 13, 2019
Content marketing

4 Ways AI Is Helping Small Businesses in Sales & Marketing

AI for small businesses has been less like Sarah Connor versus Killer Robots, and more like Hans Solo and C3PO. AI applications today are helping small businesses make good decisions in every department, including marketing and sales.

July 4, 2019
Company news

Contento Partners with UCLL for Female Founders Accelerator Program

UCLL is launching the Female Founders Accelerator Program, a course for female entrepreneurs and businesswomen who have hit a wall and cannot grow their earnings beyond the €100,000 mark, and towards €1 million target. Contento has partnered with UCLL as the official social media partner to power the course.

June 24, 2019
Contento Academy

How to Make a Great Facebook Page for Business

The 7 elements on your Facebook Page for Business that you need to take care of and how to get them right. Go down the list and check them off one by one!

June 24, 2019
Contento Academy

How to Make a Great Twitter Page for Business

Are you thinking about launching your Twitter business page? This handy guide should help you with exactly how you need to go about it.

June 24, 2019
Contento Academy

How to Make a Great Instagram Page for Business

Instagram is 2019's fastest growing social network. Here's a handy 5-step guide to how you can establish your presence there as a business.

June 24, 2019
Contento Academy

How to Make a Great Linkedin Page for Business

80% B2B leads generated through social media come through Linkedin. But is it the right fit for you and how do you make an effective Linkedin Business Page? Here's a handy guide.

June 24, 2019
Company news

Contento Partners with Founder Institute

We're super excited to announce that we've entered a partnership with Founder Institute to help its global network.

June 15, 2019
Company news

What We Learned During the Imec.istart Accelerator Program

Wow… Time flies when you’re having fun. On February 28 of last year we were standing in front of the selection committee. We gave it all we got.

March 19, 2019
Company news

Contento partners with Pharmahelp to support pharmacists with building a strong digital footprint

We are excited to announce our partnership with the awesome people of Belgium’s most exhaustive provider of e-services for pharmacists.

March 11, 2019
Company news

Nick Larson joins Contento as its VP of sales in the United States

We are excited to announce that Nick Larson, former VP of Sales at OnePiece, is joining the Contento team!

March 8, 2019
Company news

Contento partners up with Main Street Launch to support thousands of small businesses

We are excited to finally reveal a partnership that we believe will move the needle for a lot of small business owners in the Bay Area.

March 7, 2019
Product updates

The new Contento customer portal: built by you, for you

We are super stoked to introduce the new Contento Customer Portal. Designed to make your life easier whilst keeping your social media performance peaking like never before.

February 14, 2019
Contento Academy

3 Social Media Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Did you know that over 70 million small businesses around the world are using Facebook to somehow increase awareness for their brand?

February 3, 2019
Contento Academy

Why Your Business Needs Video

In 2018, a number of digital marketing experts have started to express their concerns with regards to Facebook. Some even predicted the ‘death’ of the mother of all social media channels in terms of marketing.

January 17, 2019
Contento Academy

How Small Businesses Can and Should Develop Thought-Leadership

Let’s start this contribution with a very simple question. A question to which - we’re pretty confident - the answer will be ‘yes’. Otherwise, something might be wrong… or you might have to consider a change of activity. Ready for it?

December 20, 2018
Contento Academy

10 Conversation Starters to Get your Audience Going

We talked about how important it is for your business to spend time engaging with your audience through social media. In the post, we share some tips that you were, hopefully, able to apply.

December 13, 2018
Contento Academy

Social Media Success for Your Business: Be Natural When Starting a Conversation

The power of social media goes beyond the ability to spread a message through different channels and make it go viral with your target audience.

December 6, 2018

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