The No-nonsense Guide to Social Media Success

10,000 hours of B2B social media consulting condensed into 70 pages. Written for Professional Service Providers & Thought-leaders. Offered for free.

What's inside?

  • A 6-step formula for social media success

  • The anatomy of good & bad social media posts

  • No hacks. Only proven, timeless strategies

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What is in the book?

Be consistent

How to stay on-message week-in-week-out without fail

Involve Employees

How to realize your biggest asset; your employees

Provide value: Pay it forward

How to switch to a teach first, ask later approach

Engage, engage, engage

How to talk to rather than broadcast at people

Mix it up

How to keep it interesting for your audience

Make it personal

How to make your message human, humane, and personal.

Plus—dozens of examples and tips to start copying today. 

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