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Bloovi: Contento partners with Google to make online ads accessible to SMEs

Bloovi: It is going fast for Contento, the start-up that partly automates social media marketing and makes it accessible to SMEs. Recently Google joined forces with the Antwerp company, a nice validation. Curious about how a Belgian player managed to convince the American search engine giant and what exactly that means for the future of Contento, we had an enlightening conversation with founders Ludwig Dumont and Steven van Kerkhoven.

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Company news Google invests in SME agency Contento

December 16, 2019
Company news

De Tijd: Google partners with Flemish start-up Contento

December 11, 2019
Company news

Contento goes San Francisco | Team, customers and partners

November 1, 2019
Company news

Contento receives the Pay it Forward Award 2019 from Imec.istart

September 11, 2019
Company news

Unbound London 2019: Digital Trends Linked to Business Success in the Digital Era

July 19, 2019
Company news

Bloovi: Hoe deze Antwerpse start-up social media bij kmo's wil automatiseren

July 8, 2019
Company news

Contento Partners with UCLL for Female Founders Accelerator Program

June 24, 2019
Company news

Contento Partners with Founder Institute

June 15, 2019
Company news

De Tijd: Antwerpse start-up maakt autopiloot voor sociale media

April 22, 2019
Company news

What We Learned During the Imec.istart Accelerator Program

March 19, 2019
Company news

Nick Larson joins Contento as its VP of sales in the United States

March 8, 2019
Company news

Contento partners up with Main Street Launch to support thousands of small businesses

March 7, 2019

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