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How we take care of
your digital presence

Marketing Expert

A dedicated marketing expert will guide and coach you along the way.

Content Calendar

Your marketing expert will pull together a compelling content mix.

Content Curation

Social media post suggestions that resonate with your online audience.

Content Creation


Fully personalized posts to stand out from the crowd.

Contento Home

Manage all your online channels from one place.

Google Search Ads


A super easy and accessible format to become numero uno on Google.


The average time you will save on managing your online presence through Contento


The average increase in reach on social media in the first 2 months


The average amount of dollars or euros you save by not hiring a traditional agency


Content curation,
content creation

We guarantee that you get the right combination of content to create an online presence that will make you and your business look credible, trustworthy and knowledgeable. You just have to say yes or no.

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Trust the advice
of our experts

Our trained marketing experts will guide and coach you along the way. Monthly check-ins, digital tips & tricks and weekly updates will make sure you stay in the know about what's happening on your online channels.

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All your online channels in 1 place

In your Contento Home you can easily manage your LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Find and share new content, check the performance of your channels, activate Google Search Ads, and chat with your marketing expert.

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You champion your company, we'll run your online presence

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