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Add image, video or link

Usman Khalil
March 5, 2020


Images increase the engagement rate of your content. So it is always recommended that you add at least one clear, decent quality image to your posts. Just click on the image icon in the composer , and click on + to add your image or images. Learn more about the ideal image sizes.

Caution: you can add up to 10 images in any post. However, only the first 4 will be visible on Twitter. Facebook and Linkedin do support up to 10 images.


53% customers engage with a brand after watching their video on social media. And you can post a video while creating a post in your Contento Home. Click on the camcorder icon in your Post Composer, and click on + to add a video. You can also drag-and-drop it into the square.

Note: we only support videos with .mp4 format. Right now it's only possible to post videos on Twitter and Facebook.


For every post that you make on Contento, you can insert your website’s link to it to push traffic to your website. You’ll notice that your link will automatically get shortened. You can still hover your mouse over it and Unshorten the link.

Learn more about our link shortener