Post suggestions

Review post suggestions

Usman Khalil
March 4, 2020

In your Contento Home Post Suggestions tab, you can find ready-to-post content suggested by our social media expert. These suggestions are based on your meeting with the expert and the feedback you give in your marketing plan. You can see a preview of the articles, along with a summary of what it is about.

Schedule post suggestion

Click on Schedule to create the post and schedule the piece of content.

Dismiss post suggestion

If you don’t want to schedule a suggestion, click on Dismiss. Here you can indicate why you think this suggestion is not suitable for posting.

This is very important. When you Schedule or Dismiss a piece of content, it indicates to us what content works for you and what doesn’t. This helps us find better content in the future for your business and customers.

Saving article

Sometimes you might like an article, but might want to Save it for later. Either to schedule it some other time, or for your own inspiration.

To Save an article, click on Save. You can find saved articles in Post Suggestions under the Saved for later tab.