How Bizinta is Building a Strong Online Presence for their Unique Product


April 13, 2020

“Contento was recommended to us, we liked the product so we didn’t shop around”

What is Bizinta?

Bizinta is a cloud-based business management software company that integrates billing, project tracking & scheduling, and time & resource management into one platform. They solve internal business problems through automation by eliminating outdated tasks such as manually generating invoices and piecing together time consuming reports out of several siloed systems. Issues such as manual errors in data entries, inaccurate reporting and the time spent in these processes disappear with Bizinta,  making business run significantly smoother. Because of the nature of their product, explaining what it does and how it works can be challenging. 

Case Overview

Bizinta puts forward a very strong argument for why businesses should be using their product. They also have a strong product. An essential first step for Bizinta to be able to inform audiences is to create discoverability and create awareness and then find new customers.

Even as important as a task as this is, finding time for it is often a challenge for CEO Matt Lentzner who finds himself preoccupied with running the core business. 


To generate new business, Bizinta uses several methods including outbound practices targeting companies through cold calling and cold emails.

When implementing an inbound strategy, Bizinta needed to have an online presence, to help build trust and provide clarity around the product offerings. 

This meant first of all having a clean website with a clear message. Consequently, Danika, Bizinta’s Marketing & Operations Manager, led the production of a sleek new website which was launched recently.

The second task to tackle was a social media presence to link back to the website to get some steady flow of traffic to their landing pages. Bizinta needed to focus on posting content on their channels regularly, and doing complementary activities on social media to build an audience.

Bizinta's social media content mix is a great example for any business to follow

After researching several platforms, Contento was recommended to Matt. Matt liked the intuitive platform Contento Home, trusted in the word-of-mouth review that he received and went ahead with it.

Achieving the Goal

For Bizinta, being active on social media is aimed at building an engaged follower base. Matt and Danika understood that to successfully reach out to their target audience they would need the right content and the right content mix. With Contento, they’re already starting to solve half the problem. 

Bizinta is using Contento to help figure out what to post and when to post on all of Bizinta’s social media channels. Danika, who handles Bizinta’s online presence, finds it convenient to scroll through Suggested Content on Contento Home to find relevant content to post.

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Though Bizinta understands the importance of having a good content mix, most of their social media posts at the moment consist of curated posts to appear on their target audiences’ map.

Once they have a slightly bigger engaged following, they’ll strive to get an 80-20 balance, where 20% is everything ranging from from industry relevant trending topics, to taking part in online discussions, and 80% of it is content directly promoting Bizinta.

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Where to from here?

Matt is an intelligent business-owner. The smart marketing strategy he has set forth will make Bizinta better known within the industry while establishing them as an authority on and off social media. The strong online presence coupled with good content and communication is a recipe for success. With sustained social media posting through Contento, more specific content for their audiences, and a more balanced content mix, Bizinta is on-track for better brand awareness and a steadily growing business.

Usman Khalil

Marketing Manager

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