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How FemTech Collective used Contento to triple their online visibility.


FemTech Collective was looking to boost their reach and engagement on the digital channels to create more awareness for the activities and events they organize around the Bay Area. However, they lacked the necessary amount of time to ‘do digital’ and share the latest trends within the vast female health industry. Being a company in the early beginnings meant that they didn’t have a massive budget to spend on digital marketing. For them, the ideal solution would take the social media marketing efforts out of their hands and at the same time respect a pre-determined budget.

"As the founder of the FemTech Collective network, I work with many different business support providers and tools to not only achieve my mission but to curate the best support for the other entrepreneurs in my network. I believe that Contento is the perfect platform for busy entrepreneurs and small businesses who would like to prioritize social media and keep a presence online."

The solution

After being introduced to Contento, the founder of FemTech Collective felt that our solution was offering something that perfectly covered their social media needs and desires. After the first encounter, our marketing coordinator created the account while Nicole easily and quickly completed the onboarding process. Their Social Media started running at full force ever since. Today, FemTech is a proud customer, doing what they do best without having to worry about their social media.

Contento's tailored solution

In a second step, a clear and to the point social media marketing strategy helped to ensure that the necessary priorities were set right off the bat and that there was no misunderstanding about what would be delivered. The personalized social media marketing strategy entailed information on the current digital maturity, the proposed digital marketing strategy, the consequential priorities (content topics, digital channels choice and scheduling agenda) and a personalized offering.

Thirdly, the validated social media marketing strategy was activated on the chosen digital channels of FemTech Collective. The actualization of the strategy led to a consistent stream of relevant and personalized content on the channels. This significantly increased the engagement, reach and digital community of FemTech Collective already during their first month at Contento.

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