How Fiscotax Generates Business Leads with Contento


April 13, 2020

“I was initially thinking about hiring a Social Media Manager, but choosing Contento saves me from having to hire more people to do PR and publicity for me.”

Fiscotax: a brief Intro

Fiscotax is a tax consultancy operating in Belgium taking care of everything from Corporate to personal taxation, in addition to advising startups about their finances and helping them to come up with sustainable business plans. Christophe Meesters, who is a reputable professional in Belgium, sits at the heart of the organization. Christophe has a vast offline and online network that informs his business, and in recent times, his business has shown healthy growth.

Case Overview

As a B2B and B2C small business which has grown steadily along with his network, Christophe needed to leverage his valuable network on social media channels such as Linkedin and Facebook to find more leads. However, with a growing business, maintaining an active digital presence was getting harder and harder.

He therefore initially set out to hire a Social Media Manager who could handle his social media accounts, and regularly post content to ‘at least’ keep an active presence on his Linkedin and Facebook.


The ultimate business goal for Fiscotax was to have an online audience that would generate more leads. With the increasing workload, this meant investing valuable time and resources in chasing leads online and offline. Obviously not something Christophe has time for. 

Contento got in touch with Christophe to present him with a solution that would take care of most of these problems, while greatly simplifying the process, and making it possible to get results that were in line with his business goals.

Finding out what was important to Fiscotax and Christophe was Step 1 on our checklist. In reality, this meant that Contento’s social media expert took the time to get familiarized with the tax consultancy and its customers. Then as a standard practice, Fiscotax was provided with a custom-made marketing plan.

Achieving the Goal: Reaching Potential Clients

From there on it was about implementing the custom-made plan and staying consistent with it. Instead of having to hire another person to keep his social media channels active, Christophe found that with Contento, he was able to do it on his own, without spending too much time or money. Through Contento Home and with the help of Contento’s social media expert, he could identify and schedule content that was relevant for his business very easily. 

Liking the convenience of the platform and the service, Christophe brought his personal social media accounts onto Contento too, so he could stay active online among his business and personal networks. Even though there are a total of 5 social media channels to ideally stay active on, with the simple platform, he’s able to do that with consistency - something which eventually bore fruit for him. Not only do people recognize his expertise online, but that spills over into real life too. Attendees at the seminars he conducts now admit to following his posts on social media to get fresh and relevant expert advice.

He’s even receiving quality leads through social media; staying active on social media allowed him to get contacted by people looking for his consultancy services, some of whom were very big names in the business, according to him.

Christophe recommends Contento

“Contento is allowing me and Fiscotax reach a new audience while establishing Fiscotax’s authority in their eyes. It’s also very interesting to learn more about what content works, and what doesn’t through the Post-performance analytics on Contento Home. It allows to target potential customers more effectively, and a lot more efficiently.”

Usman Khalil

Marketing Manager

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