How PROPEL is Trying to Get More Hits on its Website With Contento


April 13, 2020

“I was skeptical of Contento in the beginning, but as I’ve been using it, I’ve realized that it helps me to save a lot of time figuring out what content to post and when.”

What is PROPEL?

PROPEL is a consultancy for engineers in different phases of their careers. They specialize in training engineers to choose the right careers and companies find the right fit in the engineering jobs that they go for with the focus on reducing turnover for them. They also provide different types of coaching and workshops to help engineers face challenges on the job such as a burn-out. Engineers who have taken a coaching session with PROPEL report an 88% satisfaction rate with them

Case Overview

Given that PROPEL is a small business and one which coincides with their sister company NextStep Coaching, every team member has a full plate. But with their website being the center of their operation, they need more eyeballs and more visitors. With a new website on the way to increase conversions, they were looking to have more prospective customers higher up in the sales funnel.

Social media activity naturally became part of their to-do list. But with little time on their hands, it was difficult, to say the least, to have a consistent social media presence while taking care of core business activities at the same time.

Femke, who handles a lot of different activities within the PROPEL and NextStep Coaching teams, had already tried out Hootsuite and Agorapulse to handle social media. As tools, they were great with a lot of different features and options available to her. But that wasn’t quite what PROPEL was looking for.


It was essential for PROPEL to figure out the what on social media, and then how to implement that using the means available. That’s where Contento came in.  

The what part in PROPEL’s case was getting more hits on their website. Social media is one of the, if not the most important, means of achieving that goal. Having a great website without linking it with your social media channels would’ve been like placing a work of art in the desert. So as soon as that reasoning was internalized, it was time to figure out how to implement it on social media.

Together with their dedicated Contento social media expert, PROPEL came up with a pragmatic social media strategy and a plan of action to implement. Firstly a presence had to be established on the most relevant social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, and then a steady stream of content needed to be maintained, targeted at young engineers who were making their careers.

The steady stream of content has two major effects; it builds PROPEL’s authority on the subject of coaching young engineers, and it attracts more views to PROPEL’s social media pages and more importantly to PROPEL’s website. 

Once the solution and a plan of action is set, it’s all about making sure you stick to it, be consistent and then the results are a natural consequence.

Achieving the Goal

“Contento’s social media expert helped set up a social media plan within Contento’s platform. This allowed us to provide the best and most trending content related to young engineers which we can conveniently share on our platforms.”

“With the addition of the right set of keywords, and a content sharing schedule which takes into account the best times to post on PROPEL’s social media for their target audience, the plan looks to be well in action. To add to that, PROPEL can count on 24/7 support from Contento’s experts for advice on its social media marketing, and how to optimize the plan.” 

PROPEL’s confidence in Contento has only grown with time. With regular activity on their social media PROPEL engages with a lot more people. 

In the near future, Contento Home will also allow PROPEL to track how many people visited their website from their social media. This will further help them to zero in on the direct impact of the strategy put into practice.

PROPEL recommends Contento to other Small Businesses (8/10)

Femke states that Contento has saved her a lot of time. She also really likes that she can schedule the posts with ease or auto-schedule them to go out at the best times. 

She especially values being able to count on the support of social experts, and that Contento reminds her to keep posting on PROPEL’s channels, to get the best results. Considering these factors, PROPEL highly recommends Contento to other such businesses.

Usman Khalil

Marketing Manager

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