How SalesWise continued to Grow during a Crisis


July 15, 2020

We sat down with Gunter America, Owner & Managing Partner of SalesWise, last week to chat about how SalesWise has managed to ride the storm and even managed to grow this year.

SalesWise: A short intro

SalesWise is a team of sales professionals and specialists that help businesses accelerate their sales. It provides businesses with trained sales pros that hit the ground running, generate sales for the business, and at the end of the project, seemlessly rejoin the SalesWise team again.

To fuel this program, SalesWise also actively attracts sales talent from the market. The new inductees are put through a rigorous training program where they get to take on real life sales projects while learning from them.

Riding the storm; the SalesWise approach

Three months ago when SaleWise called prospects, the prospective clients showed willingness to buy, but today clients hesitate to make big investments that quickly.

Gunter suggests a more empathetic approach. "The best you can do is to stay in touch with them, listen to them, and ask them how you can help as a business. So when this is all over, we can do business again."

The economy is opening back up and businesses want to recover the lost time and money through increased sales in the second half of 2020, and that's where the expertise of SalesWise comes in.

As far as working from home is concerned, that has worked quite well for SalesWise. Two things that have really helped them adapt to the situation are:

  • Working online. Not having to visit every client wherever they may be based. This has saved them a lot of time they normally spent on the road.
  • Switching fully to a digital way of working. Finding digital tools and solutions which allow them to automate their tasks and communicate with their clients more effectively.

The switch has worked so well, that they might change their way of working to this new way permanently.

Digital Relationship-building

In the sales world, cold calling can be time consuming and stressful. In a B2B market, it's tougher. Over the phone, gatekeepers block access to decisionmakers in the company.Social media makes decisionmakers a lot more accessible. That's why SalesWise utilizes its network on social media plus Linkedin Sales Navigator to make connections with the right people and get a chance to talk to them.

Embracing digital tools in this way has helped them land influential customers for themselves and their clients, which is a big win.

More visibility, same effort

Gunter and his team are now more active on social media. Online visibility has been key for them to build online awareness about SalesWise and capitalize on sales opportunities on social media. That's one of the reasons they invested in HelloContento.

SalesWise's social media feed is educational, while showcasing their expertise.

By taking into account what their target audience likes (and dislikes), Hellocontento's social media experts suggest pieces of content to SalesWise so it can be scheduled to their Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Meanwhile, their popularity on social media has continued to grow, and now they receive messages from people in the industry asking for sales advice. The credit goes primarily to two factors:

  • SalesWise casts a small net and they get a good response because of it. In other words highly relevant content posted for a very specific target audience.
  • SalesWise consistently posts expertise-driven content. Repeated exposure to SalesWise's posts on social media helps people trust their expertise and makes them more approachable to future customers.

Another reason SalesWise uses its social media channels is to attract new employees. Their Instagram feed is the means to that end where they show off their fun company culture and let the pictures do the talking.

Happy faces and smiles on the SalesWise Instagram feed - Job applicants at SalesWise already feel welcome.

The transparency and openness about their work culture has paid off too. Almost every day, capable people reach out to SalesWise in the hopes of getting hired.

And indeed, just this month, two new hires started their SalesWise journeys. What's even more encouraging is that 10 new recruits will be joining soon.

A message of hope

For growth minded SMBs, SalesWise serves as a true inspiration. The reasons they have been able to thrive through uncertain times are no secret either. To put it simply, they know what their goals and challenges are, and they have invested in sustainable digital solutions for each of them to build a future proof business.

Usman Khalil

Marketing Manager

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