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How Soul Centered Selling is Growing their Brand with Contento

"I like the team. I like the Contento platform. There’s certainly a lot of promise there. And the service is great too."

What is Soul-Centered Selling

Soul Centered Selling is the brainchild of Mark diTargiani who has been a salesman, trainer, speaker, and teacher for over 3 decades. He helps his clients realize their sales targets by optimizing their processes and helping individuals develop the required skills to increase revenue. Through Soul-Centered Selling, Mark imparts his own experience, shares how to be more mindful in sales processes, and ask the right questions to truly uncover/address the the prospect’s pain.

Case Overview

Running Soul-Centered Selling and creating the buzz to find more prospective customers is a full-time job. Through his workshops he does drive visibility for his company, but people still want to find him online on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and on his website.

Building a brand sounds easier than it is. With Soul-Centered Selling’s unique brand and cutting-edge methodology, it is challenging to communicate to a sales team the first time and expect them to communicate it to their target audience. Mark wants help to grow the brand while remaining true to its essence. Mark found Contento to be a good solution to build the social presence of Soul Centered Selling.


Keeping Soul-Centered Selling’s brand at the core was one of Mark’s priorities.  Contento then helped create a custom marketing plan, which complemented and augmented the brand.

Looking at SCS’s prospective audience on social media to find when they were active, and how often SCS’s message should reach them on a weekly basis, Contento’s social media experts could provide a checklist of tangible steps to grow the brand with minimal direct involvement from Mark himself.

Achieving the Goal

Brand growth is a continuous effort. Once the target is set and the steps laid out, it’s just a matter of taking those steps, and hitting the milestones. Mark’s channels are growing at a steady pace, and with a clear plan, it’s easier to know what to post on each channel, and it is easier for his prospective audience to get in touch with him. As Contento evolves too, soon Soul-Centered Selling will be able to take advantage of a more vibrant social plan with easily set-up templates, and more personalized and on-brand content for his online presence.

Mark recommends Contento to other promising SMBs

Having seen the impact Contento has had for his own business in terms of growth and workflow in terms of time saved, and click-of-a-button planning and posting weeks in advance, Mark strongly recommends Contento to start ups he advises.

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