How Spikes is Boosting its Online Brand Image with Contento


May 27, 2020

“Contento has a very professional approach with a clear marketing plan and great service in general. I would definitely recommend it with the idea in mind that it will keep getting better”

Who are Spikes?

Spikes are a tech-empowered solution for companies looking to optimize business processes to lower costs, manage resources better, improve security, and increase revenue. They’ve already provided their expertise to big names like Bridon-Bekaert and Stepstone, helping these organization to successfully integrate the right technology for specific business challenges.

Case Overview

Being a successful B2B solution with a great client portfolio, Spikes needed to reflect that on their social media channels, and get the attention of more relevant and interested people. However, they were faced with a few challenges in achieving these goals.

With business goals taking priority, they found there was less time to focus on marketing goals. They were also short-handed when it came to marketing and advertising efforts, and short on content to post on their social channels. 


Spikes was searching for a solution which would help to grow as a consulting business, making it more visible in the industry, and helping to materialize an authoritative voice on integrating tech seamlessly with business. 

When Spikes came across Contento, they laid out their challenges and saw an immediate match with what Contento offered. Contento’s social media expert created a custom social media marketing strategy which coincided with Spikes’ marketing goal to increase reach, especially among the right businesses.

Soon after that, Spikes’ Jolien completed the onboarding with Contento; a social media marketing plan was set up to accomplish the goals according to the custom-made social media marketing strategy. 

Achieving the Goal: Saving time, Increasing Reach

Setting up the custom-made marketing plan in Contento Home allowed both Spikes and Contento to act on tangible deliverables. Jolien was able to find content that was relevant to Spikes straight from the platform, and could schedule it directly from there. This helped to achieve two goals.

Jolien’s challenge of 'wasting time' thinking about what content to post, when, and where was addressed. Contento’s tailor-made solution finds the right frequency to post on Spikes’ social media channels on. She finds it a lot less time-consuming now that she could conveniently schedule content to all her channels from the same platform.

Secondly, it also helps Spikes to reach more businesses online. With Contento, Spikes’ social media channels are always active. Posting regularly and posting relevant content provides Spikes with the consistency that it needs to get more attention on social media from businesses looking to optimize their processes.

Spikes highly recommends Contento

Seeing the value Contento offers - including the level of service maintained - Spikes highly recommends Contento to businesses.

"The proposed content on the Contento Home Platform is always very relevant to our business and our brand. And whenever we falter in keeping up social media consistency, we're contacted by our social media expert at Contento. Contento Home keeps improving every day, and with the right focus and the team's “professional approach”, it will continue to be incredibly helpful to Spikes and other businesses in the subsequent years."

In fact, convinced by Contento’s solution, Spikes have signed on a second account with 3 additional social channels! 

The soon-to-be-released analytics features on Contento Home combined with the insights of a dedicated Contento social media expert will make it even more exciting for Spikes to optimize their organic reach on social media, and in turn allowing them to get more sales leads.

Usman Khalil

Marketing Manager

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